Our first ever online course

Are you ready to take control over your own brand? Are you eager to learn, appreciate hands on exercises, and willing to implement your brand strategy?


Join me for a rigorous 6-week course designed to help you define your brand identity through both one-on-one instruction and within a group setting with other entrepreneurs. Together we will nail down your brand pillars, create a competitive brand statement, and help you bring that brand identity to life through image, narrative, AND your product/service. Basically, I'm taking you through the same process I take my clients through, at less than 1/10th the price!


We kick things off July 1st and the next class won't be until Summer 2023...so you won't want to miss this opportunity! Sign up before June 1st to lock in a $100 discount!

Brand Identity in 6 Weeks!

Work through exercises and custom assignments on your own terms, for your own brand. In 6-weeks you'll have the tools and feedback necessary to pinpoint your brand pillars and bring your unique brand statement to life.

One-On-One & Group Setting

This course is specifically designed to allow both direct interaction with Laura to get you over speed bumps, as well as a collaborative environment with other entrepreneurs. Together we will take you from brainstorm to brand!

Free Book

Obviously we will be working through the book, so if you don't have a print copy, one will be headed your way in the mail. It's the best tool to mark up, highlight, and brainstorm your brand!

Save $10,000-$30,000

Let's face it! Working with an agency is expensive and can cost anywhere between $10-30k. At just $799, it's a steal! And, if you sign up before June 1st, it's only $699. For around $100/week, you wont be able to develop your brand cheaper anywhere else!

Hands On Training

Instead of paying someone else to build your brand, take the reins to learn how to do it yourself. With our tools, you will learn how to alter brand strategy and protect your brand from future pitfalls.

Image, Narrative, and Product/Service

We will give you step-by-step directions on how to elevate all three major elements of your brand! Confused on your brand story...we've got you covered. Need new images, but unsure how to portray the brand identity...we'll break it down for you.


Sign up before June 1st to lock in the discounted price of $699!


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