Are You A Sellout?

Okay, y’all. Time for a little tough love, because, well, I’m here for you.

Have you ever felt like a sellout? Ever felt icky about pitching yourself for a business opportunity or standing at the merch table after a show hoping to sell a few albums? Or worry that others may give you side-eye for posting that sponsored ad? “Hi, there! Over here! Click here! Buy now!”

Well, that stops now.

If you can’t appreciate the fact that you are a commodity which must sell, then you better acknowledge that you have a hobby on your hands. A hobby needs passion; a business needs passion and consumers. You must sell yourself to survive.

Now for the good news: This doesn’t mean you are a sellout.

To "sellout" means compromising the moral fabric or creativity in exchange for financial gain. It does not mean, as many seem to believe, the act of selling oneself. As influencers sell themselves as a product every day, this distinction is important to make. As long as your m