From Micro to Macro

The beginning may seem like a difficult place to start, but it’s the easiest…and the most fun!

The beginning is where you get to experiment and create. It’s the place where there’s freedom to fail. It’s the place where you get to know yourself and your brand without any scrutiny or rejections. It’s the calm before the storm.

Everyone’s career has a unique trajectory, but all have a place in time where their purpose met their talents in such a way to create an authentic and compelling brand. This is where they began their journey from a micro to a macro.

Oprah was fired from a news anchor position. They claimed she was boring. She needed topics she cared about and an audience to feed off of before the world wanted to listen.

JK Rowling was a divorced and destitute single mother before we met her. Armed with a degree in classics, work experience at Amnesty International, and a passion for writing, she developed a story about a boy…an orphaned boy who found his strength and his confidence while discovering his one purpose: to save the world. Notice the commonalities between herself and her protagonist?

Reese Witherspoon’s movie career began at age 14. She spent the next 15 years developing her craft and her brand, winning the elusive and career-defining Oscar in 2006. She expanded her empire to production and then to lifestyle brand Draper James, both avenues in which are highly lucrative to her brand equity. She married her passion for acting with her purpose to tell stories and to entertain (both on screen and at home) creating a 30-year career with no signs of slowing down.

Whether your entrepreneurial life begins with the jolt of a train like Rowling or with a slow and steady ascent like Witherspoon, you don’t get to where you are going overnight. After all, a perceived quick shot to fame only follows years and years of developing ideas behind the scenes. Rowling spent 5 years writing Potter before a small children’s publisher picked her up.