The Best 2020 Presidential Campaign Slogans

Mere seconds: that’s all you get to tell someone who you are and what you stand for. So, it’s no surprise that a recent article in AdWeek shined a spotlight on the current Presidential candidates and their campaign slogans. One of the major topics in my upcoming book, From Individual to Empire, is narratives and how important they are to the brand of an influencer. So, when I read through the current list of campaign slogans, I could see some serious issues within the messaging.


Our best days still lie ahead.

X has a plan for that.

Not me. Us.

For the people.

One nation. One destiny.

We can’t take four more years.

Lead with love.

America has a choice.

Humanity first.

Let’s get to work.

Are you ready to run with X?

X for America.

America doesn’t have decades to wait.

Building opportunity together.