Author Laura Bull draws from years of professional experience to offer aspiring readers expert tips on establishing and expanding their brands and influence. With frequent references to stars, moguls, and entrepreneurs, Bull provides a fun and engaging reading experience, while laying out clear steps and smart strategies for readers to achieve their goals on their own terms. Bull's tone is professional, yet conversational. The author recognizes her audience, and provides them with a straightforward, assertive, and sometimes humorous narrative approach to the topic. While other titles may tackle the idea of branding, Bull livens it up with vivid examples, psychological insights, and quick-witted prose. Bull contextualizes the concept of a "brand" in a manner that is insightful and surprising. Using real-world examples, she urges readers to think about their own unique talents and contributions in order to most authentically present their product to the world.

The BookLife Prize

An indispensable guide to building an authoritative brand for budding influencers.​


This is a wonderful book with a lot of great tips! Well worth the money!



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From Individual to Empire by Laura Bull was a very informative read that is a must have for anyone developing their own brand. Laura Bull writes in a style that is conversational and easy to understand, all the while presenting helpful information and tips to succeed. She uses well-known examples of influencers on every level, including Oprah, Miranda Lambert, and Reese Witherspoon,  along with fictional situations to help illustrate her point. On top of the slew of information found in this book, Bull offers additional resources and tools that can be found on her website. 

From Individual to Empire is definitely a handy tool to have in your "road to success" kit. 4/5





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